What is Filmmaking

Filmmaking(Film making) is the process of making a Films/Movies/Cinemas.


Filmmaking is a process of Visual form of storytelling through motion pictures.

A ‘Script writer’ puts his imagines on paper, then the ‘Director’ converts his imagination to movie form.

Filmmaking process involves so many people to work together, in this process Producer plays a very important key part, because even with story and creative people without the money/budget story won’t get its visual form so that’s why the final product owner/legal person will be the producer (Their will be some exception cases like in Indian Filmmaking system few famous actors they won’t get paid for acting, but instead of getting paid they take a percentage of profit share from the film total box office collections so technically they also owns a right).

3 Stages of Filmmaking

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post Production
  • Pre-production is Planning & budgeting stage
  • Production is filming or shooting stage
  • Post-production is Editing, and Distribution Stage

5 Stages of Filmmaking

  1. Scripting
  2. Pre-production
  3. Production
  4. Post-production
  5. Distribution

Sometime few say 6 stages, 7 stages of filmmaking its basically the 3 stages of filmmaking is been divided to form 6 or 7 stages of filmmaking.

Filmmaking involves number of discrete stages, they are

  • Initial Idea (Pitch)
  • Idea
  • Script
  • Screenplay writing
  • Storyboard
  • Budget
  • Location Scout
  • Casting
  • Audition
  • Agreement
  • Scheduling
  • Set Design
  • costume design
  • Composition
  • Shooting
  • Sound recording
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Editing
  • Distribution
  • Promotion
  • Screening
  • Audience review

We can compare Filmmaking with the food preparation(any dish), to make any dish we first consider,
1. Buying Raw materials: It’s a preparation stage where all the necessary ingredients we make before cooking, if we miss something in this stage means our food won’t look or taste good, so it’s better to spend some time in this stage and make out all required things
2. Cooking stage: If the above stage looks ready to go means then we can put pan on stove and start cooking our dish and here most important thing is to make sure right quantity of ingredients we mixing because if we put more or less salt means the food won’t taste good so considering how much you need and put accordingly.
3. Serving Stage: Its the Final stage where people going to taste and judge your dish, few will say delicious and few say its good and few say nothing and if your dish not good means people say its NG(not good)

The same will apply while making films.

Note: Filmmaking is a informal education so over the period of time best practices and experience will make you better filmmaker.

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