How to make video within text in DaVinci Resolve 17 in 3 mins

Follow these 8 Steps to make video within text in DaVinci Resolve

  1. Import your video clip 1 to timeline
  2. After importing video to timeline select the video clip 1 in timeline & Navigate to inspector tool in the right side
  3. Under Inspector go to composite option and change composite mode to foreground
  4. Then push the video clip 1 to V2 track
  5. Then drag and drop any title under effects library to V1 track(below video clip 1)
  6. Select the title clip and navigate to inspector and select settings option
  7. Under settings option go to composite and change composite mode to Alpha
  8. That’s it you created the video within title !

Note: If you want to add any video or colour to background push video clip 1 & Title up and add it to V1 track & you can control the opacity and text font manually according to your requirement

Watch the below video tutorial by MrAlexTech to understand it better

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