Auto Scene Cut Detection in DaVinci Resolve

Auto Scene Detection is an AI-Powered algorithm used to check the cuts/effects in a video. Auto scene cut detection checks the video frame-by-frame and it picks the sudden changes in the frames by pixel contrast difference between adjacent frames and adds a cut point to that frame and it continues till the end of the video.

How Can We Automatically Cut Any Video In Resolve

In resolve we have 2 ways to check the scene cuts

  1. Scene cut detection in the media page
  2. Detect scene cuts in the cut page or edit page under Timeline options

Scene cut detection and Detect Scene cuts are works in the same way, the main key difference is ‘scene cut detection is used in the media page before importing media’ and ‘detect scene cut option used for already imported media file in cut/edit page only’

Works InMedia pageCut page & Edit page
Key DifferenceCut points can be manually adjusted once automatic tool scanning completesCut points directly reflects in the timeline and no preview of cut points
Difference between Scene cuts Detection & Detect Scene cuts

Basic Example to auto scene cuts detection AI

In YouTube ads are placed automatically which is by AI where it uses this kind of technique to place ads between cuts

Video Tutorial

Tutorial by Cody Pyper
Tutorial by Filmmaker Central

Exercise For Auto Scene Cut Detection

Take any 5 to 10 mins film/video song and use resolve auto scene cut detection and see the cuts one by one & check the frames, frame angle & feel generated by that frame & angle.
The Above exercise gives an idea of how many shots/cuts in that particular video and helps to study shot/scene planning for your films.

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